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An ambition

We have the will to become a real force in the digital engineering field.

SETIAE is a company expert in providing AVEVA solutions.

Our ambition is clear: to become an alternative to the current services available in the digital engineering market.

To reach this objective we are building partnerships with calculation software publishers, which complement AVEVA solutions.

We will obtain as many certifications as possible with these additional publishers with the objective of providing the very highest level of service for our clients.

An expertise

Our recruitment requirements have allowed us to be surrounded by engineers who are well respected by our clients.

Our engineers develop in a high technology environment, which allows them to rapidly progress in several disciplines.

They are attuned to your needs and can respond to them with agility and passion.

A philosophy

SETIAE is above all a state of mind, a unique identity just like the passion of its managers.

Our scientific DNA and our passion for IMS development have shaped our engineering culture.

Our taste for challenge and solving technical problems has motivated us to leave the traditional way of doing things to imagine new solutions.

It is with this state of mind that we wish to be involved with the most ambitious of projects.


SETIAE has the desire to create and exploit new technologies with the objective of providing tools for tomorrow’s world.

Innovating is sharing ideas.

Our partners and clients are offered the possibility to express their ideas with our Research and Development centre in order to make even their most audacious ideas come to life.

It is with this attitude that we are constantly searching to offer new services.

“Working with SETIAE one has the assurance of obtaining expected results and even of discovering new perspectives”.

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