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Created in 1995 under the name of SETI Ingénierie Conseil the company has evolved over its existence using AVEVA solutions as well as scientific calculations using PIPESTRESS.

After several years developing software, customising AVEVA solution modules (mainly for its clients EDF and Framatome) training many engineers and designers, the company has forged a solid reputation for its know-how, its quality procedures and its reliability.

Recognised for its quality services by EDF UTO, the company has been certified to provide intellectual services to the nuclear industry, which has allowed it to work on the most complex projects in its sector, found in France.

It is in the evolution of these projects that the company has developed its training skills and was registered as an accredited training centre by the French government in 2003.

Over the course of time SETI Ingénierie Conseil has acquired a solid reputation for its expertise in the IMS sector for the largest of accounts.

2016 proved a turning point at the heart of SETI Ingénierie Conseil with the launch of SETI 2.0.

In 2017 a great amount of thought was given to the future of the company leading to its rebirth as SETIAE.

“SETIAE, it’s the adventure of a team passionate about the scientific and industrial world, which has for over 20 years, known how to deploy the treasures of the imagination and know-how in order to respond to the greatest demands. An evolution guided by discipline and results.”

and tomorrow

In 2017 SETIAE was born from a reformed company with the objective of offering new innovative services.

SETIAE aims to make tangible its passion, which motivates the whole team of experienced engineers to put to the forefront a singular state of mind and skillset and above all to offer complete solutions in the digital engineering world.

Within this new dynamic SETIAE has decided to enlarge its field of activity from the civil nuclear sector to include all sectors of plant installation for its clients. To this end SETIAE offers services to all your general installation projects linked to AVEVA solutions.

SETIAE is no longer just a heavyweight actor in IE&D but also a company, which invests in a great part of the digital engineering spectrum by multiplying its partnerships with complementary software publishers.

This revolution as digital as it is strategic, allows not only SETIAE to open up new horizons but also to develop a rich set of new skills. To enable this the company recently renamed SETIAE has launched a large Europe wide recruitment drive. Strengthened by an international team of experts SETIAE now offers a real alternative to the current services available in the digital engineering market.

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